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Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Know what you have got and what condition it is in, from that you can make good asset decisions.

For your peace of mind and to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future, our inspectors can evaluate the compliance, maintenance and structural elements of the property.

A report from us can help you get a better price for your home. With our pre purchase inspection, you can:

Be prepared for future repairs and purchases.

Be assured of hiring a qualified inspector who’s trained to look at various aspects of the property

Have peace of mind knowing the inspector will inspect all accessible areas, under the floor and in the roof void.

Discover signs of pest infestations and susceptible conditions.

Premise Inspections  will visually inspect the premises to ascertain whether there is evidence of any structural defects or damage. The inspection will be of a non-destructive and non-intrusive nature.

Premise Inspections will provide a completed building inspection and report in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1

Premise Inspections are licenced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to inspect, investigate, and provide advice or a report about all class of buildings for a party or prospective party to a contract of sale for the building.

A comprehensive invasive inspection will not be provided unless PI enters into a separate written contract to do so. The inspection and report will not extend to any part of the relevant property which is physically inaccessible or to which access is denied.

The report will indicate whether or not:

There were any visible structural defects at the time of the inspection;

There were any visible damage at the time of the inspection;

There were any visible fungi decay at the time of the inspection;


The Roof Space

The Exterior of the Building

The interior of the Building

The Sub-floor Space

The Roof Exterior

The pool and spa area

The Site (within 30.0m of the structure and within the property boundaries)

In addition Premise Inspections can also arrange to include reports prepared by building certifiers and consultants on a completed residential building that relates to whether the completed building work complies with the Building Code of Australia, relevant Australian Standards, manufacturer’s recommendations or good building practice.

The consultant’s report may be used, for example, in Court or Tribunal proceedings, litigation, tender preparation or other general purposes.

Reports are supplied within 24 hours and if you need any more advice our inspectors are ready to discuss your needs further.


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