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Fact sheets and publications

Know what you have got and what condition it's in. From that you can make good asset decisions.

Maintaining Your Home (PDF)

The homeowners guide to the building process (PDF)

Building a swimming pool - how to get started (PDF)

How to protect your home against termites (PDF)

Contract Checklist (PDF)

Reducing the Risk of Things Going Wrong (PDF)

Seven Easy Steps to Building or Renovating (PDF)

Asbestos Removal (PDF)

Termite Management Systems (PDF)

Timber Queensland Deck Inspection Guide (PDF)

Standards and Tolerances Guide (PDF)

How to rebuild after a natural disaster (PDF)

Terminating a Contract Due to Non-Completion (PDF)

How to choose a contractor for domestic building work (PDF)

Homeowner's Guide to Subsidence (PDF)

Your Guide to QBCC's Resolution Services Process (PDF)

Rectification of Building Work Policy (PDF)

A Simple how to Guide to Preventing Structural Damage to your Home (PDF)

Facts for Smart Building and Renovating (PDF)

Looking after your water supply and sewerage infrastructure

How to help prevent sewage overflows on your property (PDF)

How do I order the report/s?

Reports can be ordered via email, website or over the phone. In each instance we need the following information: Your Name, Address and Contact details including email address, the property address to be inspected, type of report/s needed and access details to the property (real estate agents, etc).