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How much?

If you are looking for an established company who specialises in both residential and commercial building inspections, you have come to the right place.

Our thermal screening is included free, we identify hidden building construction issues, find moisture intrusion, detect energy loss/missing insulation, and many basic electrical connection and load problems.


How much does it cost to get a building and pest inspection?

Building & Pest Inspections Pricing:

Small house, apartments of approximately 100m2 $300.00 (Excl GST)

Medium house, a property up to 3 bedrooms & 1 bathrooms $375.00 (Excl GST)

Large house, a property based on 4-5  bedrooms & 2-3 bathrooms $400.00 (Excl GST)

What we need to book your inspection

Can quotes be matched or bettered from other services?

Premise Inspections always endeavour  to be competitive in both service and pricing. If a comparable service has been quoted we could match that price to get your business.

*The above prices are for inspection services in South East QLD  and are indicative only

How do I order the report/s?

Reports can be ordered via email, website or over the phone. In each instance we need the following information: Your Name, Address and Contact details including email address, the property address to be inspected, type of report/s needed and access details to the property (real estate agents, etc).

Reports are generally supplied within 24 hours and if you need any more advice our inspectors are ready to discuss your needs further.


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