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    1. PREMISE INSPECTIONS (PI) will inspect the property and provide a SPECIAL PURPOSE property report in accordance with Australian Standard AS4349.1 1995 ("Standard") which details areas of the property where readily visible structural defects will be noted.       
    2. This report is not a maintenance report. All properties require regular maintenance. Where obvious maintenance issues are noted, these have been included in the report as a courtesy comment only.           
    3. This report is limited to those parts of the property above ground level and reasonably accessible to the inspector without the removal of wall lining, ceiling, roof materials, furniture, floor coverings or other chattels. This information comprises sites notes only, a typed report will be sent to you.                        
    4. PREMISE INSPECTIONS will visually inspect the premises to ascertain whether there is evidence of any structural defects or damage. Furnishings and stored goods will not be moved. The inspection will be of a non-destructive and non-intrusive nature. A comprehensive invasive inspection will not be provided unless PREMISE INSPECTIONS enters into a separate written contract to do so. The inspection and report will not extend to any part of the relevant property which is physically inaccessible or to which access is denied.
    5. PREMISE INSPECTIONS will provide a report to the client (for the reliance by the client only, and not anyone else). The report will detail the areas inspected and the areas which were inaccessible for inspection.
  2. The report will indicate whether or not:
    1. There were any visible structural defects at the time of the inspection;  
    2. There were any visible damage at the time of the inspection;                             
    3. There were any visible fungi decay at the time of the inspection;                        
    4. Latent defects that may become apparent in weather conditions that differ from those existing at the time of the inspection will not be disclosed in this report.       
    5. This inspection service will only test a represented number of items such as lights, power outlets, switches, taps, windows, door appliances and suchlike. It is not possible to individually inspect all visible frame work, tie-downs, stumps, bearers, joists, floor timber or other materials of techniques used in construction. If a more detailed inspection is required please advise in writing as additional charges may apply.     
  3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, all conditions and warranties imposed by statute are excluded, and no warranties are given with respect to the service other than those that are imposed by statute.          
  4. In the event of any controversy or claim arising of, or relating to, the rendering of the service and the report to be provided, it must be settled by arbitration, in accordance with the rules of The Institute of Arbitrators Australia, for the Conduct of Commercial Arbitrations. Any judgment from such arbitration will be final and binding on the parties.  
  5. IMPORTANT INFORMATION                                                                           
    1. Any person who relies upon the contents of a Premise Inspections report does so acknowledging that the following clauses, which define the scope and limitations of the inspection, form an integral part of the report. 
  6. SCOPE OF THIS REPORT                                                                                               
    1. This report is limited to evidence of visible damage or defects on the inspection date. This means that this inspection Report is provided on the basis of a visual inspection of the property only, and of a non-destructive and non-intrusive nature.      
    2. THIS IS A VISUAL INSPECTION ONLY limited to those areas and sections of the property fully accessible and visible to the inspector on the date of the inspection. The inspection DID NOT include breaking apart, dismantling, removing or moving objects including, but not limited to foliage, mouldings, roof insulation/sisalation, floor or wall coverings, sidings, ceilings, floors, furnishings, appliances or personal possessions. The inspector CANNOT see through wall coverings, sidings, ceilings, floors, furnishings, appliances or personal possessions. the inspector DID NOT dig, gouge, force or perform any other invasive procedures.   
  7. TYPICAL INSPECTION AREA                 
    1. The Roof Space                                                                                                         
    2. The Exterior of the Building                                                                          
    3. The interior of the Building                                                                                       
    4. The Sub-floor Space                                                                                                
    5. The Roof Exterior                                                                                                      
    6. The Site (within the smaller of 30.0m of the structure and the property boundaries)                 
    1. An application for an inspection may be rejected at the PREMISE INSPECTIONS'  discretion, including issues arising from conditions beyond reasonable control of the PREMISE INSPECTIONS.  
  9. CONTRACT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                            
    1. The client formally acknowledges and accepts that where a request to proceed with the inspection is received without the formal acknowledgement of the inspection agreement, the inspection will be carried out in accordance within the terms and conditions of this agreement.                          
  10. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY THIRD PARTY DISCLAIMER                                       
    1. The report is solely for the use and benefit of the client whose name appears on the front of the report.  The inspector is not liable for any third party reliance or use of this report.  Unless authorised under Legislation, the report may not be provided or sold to any other person without our written consent from PREMISE INSPECTIONS; we reserve the right to provide a copy of the report or to any other person or body.            
  11. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY                                                                                 

No liability shall be accepted on the account of failure within the report to notify any damage present at or prior to the date of the this report in any area(s) or section(s) of the subject property physically inaccessible for the inspector or to which denied access or to which access is concealed from the inspector (including but not limited to any area(s) or sections so specified by within the report).

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